The Top Energy Saving Tips You Want To Know


roof restoration, energy saving house buildingYou’ve decided to start saving energy and there’s good reason to.  Not only is it beneficial for the environment (less complaints from our mother earth) but it can also reduce your cost.  We’ve compiled a few of our favorite modern energy saving tips that you may not have known about. These tips will benefit your energy saving strategies from fussy household cleaning to big project like roof restoration.


Electronics are a huge drain on power in households and businesses even when they’re not actively turned on.  They can continue to draw power even when it appears they are sleeping which ends up costing you money that you’re unaware you are spending.

  • Use a power strip – This may seem like a no brainer for most of us with overcrowded wall sockets but the truth is that a power strip can be a huge energy saver as well. What the power strip can do to conserve energy is to give you an easy single go-to location to turn off a number of items at once when they’re not in use.  You could begin to flip off the power strip each night as you go to bed and that would save at least 8 hours of energy per night.  Over time that adds up!
  • Buy Energy Star electronics – Most of the electronics claim to be energy star these days but that doesn’t mean they are all created equal. Certainly having energy star at all is better than purchasing an item that isn’t energy efficient in any way but if you spend a little extra time reading the stickers on the electronic then you can make sure you are purchasing the most energy efficient.
  • Buy a laptop – You might be a diehard desktop computer fan but you would probably be amazed how great laptops have become. Besides the easy portability they offer they are also more energy efficient than the beast that sits at your desk.  Most laptops can do all of the things that your desktop can plus they’ll save energy.
  • Skip the screensaver – Everyone enjoys a good screensaver. Perhaps you spent a lot of time perusing and selecting the ideal screensaver that fits you perfectly, but the fact is, if your screensaver is on you’re probably not even at your computer.  If you’re not at your computer then who is enjoying your beautiful screensaver?  To save on energy, setting your computer to go to sleep or hibernate after a certain amount of time will use a lot less electricity when you’re not using your computer.


The majority of us have more appliances than we can count in our home.  They all serve a purpose and we wouldn’t want to live without them.  Thankfully, living without them isn’t necessary to cut back on their power usage.

  • Utilize your microwave – Using your microwave might initially sound counterproductive. Using electricity to cut back on power usage doesn’t sound like it makes sense until you take everything into consideration.  If you use your microwave to heat up leftovers instead of the oven you’ll only be using electricity for a very short period of time, sometimes less than a minute.  If you were to turn on your oven to heat your items it would take much longer.  Additionally, conventional ovens use more energy than microwaves even when used for the same amount of time.
  • Reconsider the 2nd refrigerator – If you’re like many households you may have an extra refrigerator or freezer in your garage or perhaps some other room of your home. A lot of these extra appliances go unutilized or are underutilized and could be done away with.  If you’re not really using the extra appliance then it may be time to consider getting rid of it all together.
  • Repair or replace refrigerator seals – Owning a fridge that is more than a few years old may require some simple upkeep. Over time the seals on the doors can get worn out and they can come loose meaning that they do not seal as properly as they should be.  When they don’t seal they let out all of the cool air you’re trying to keep in.  Replacing the seals will solve the problem and will cut down on a big energy drain.
  • Check the coils – A rarely considered area is the coils at the back of the refrigerator. There are a lot of people that have never cleaned this area.  Over time the coils collect dust and other debris that not only causes problems with the energy use of your fridge but it can also become a fire hazard.  The next time you’re sweeping simply pull the fridge out and sweep and dust the coils as well.
  • Keep a full freezer – This may just be a free pass to buy all the frozen pizza you want. Surprisingly, keeping a fully stocked freezer will cut down on energy costs.  When the freezer is full of frozen goods they help maintain the temperature and the fridge won’t have to cut on so often to maintain the cold.
  • Do all your laundry at once – It may sound strange to tell you to continue using electricity to cut down on energy but when you continue using your washer and dryer for several loads it means the appliances do not have to cool down and heat back up in between uses.
  • Always wash a full load – Your washer and dry have to work just as hard whether you are washing a full load of laundry or not. Try to stick with a full load but if you can’t then select the option on the washer that will use less water.
  • Clean the lint filter – The lint filter can become an energy drain when it becomes full or overfull. Simply pull out the collected lint before each and every load and your dryer will run much more efficiently.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to save energy.  When you start utilizing some of these tips they will easily become like second nature and over time you won’t even have to think about doing them.  You can feel good about the money you’re saving and about doing something good for the environment.


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