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archbuild custom home construction project in Sydney


Archbuild is committed to delivering not only marvelous 100% custom designed homes, but also to ensure they are delivered within your budgets. 

Here at Archbuild architects + builders Sydney, we understand that not one design suits all customers or sites. Archbuild Sydney provides a true custom design service for residential homes, duplexes, multiunits, and apartments. This service provides the experience of the architect builders working together with you in the design and construction process. 

What is a Custom House?

A custom house is much more than a place to reside; it's a personalised sanctuary meticulously crafted to meet the specific desires and requirements of its inhabitants. In Sydney, where space is a valued commodity, choosing a custom home design allows individuals to enhance their living environment in ways that pre-built or project homes simply cannot achieve.

True custom design grants homeowners the freedom to tailor every aspect of their home, from the layout to the aesthetics, all without the burden of excessive costs. This approach not only meets all the client's needs but also capitalises on the potential of the site to boost the property’s value.

Luxury custom designed home in Sydney by Archibuild architect builders.

Archbuild as Your Custom Home Builder

We believe that  good architecture is for everyone, not just the elite. Everyone deserves a bespoke custom home designed by architects: A True custom designed home. Choosing Archbuild has these benefits:


  • Achieving a design to match your lifestyle, vision and design preferences

  • Creating a design to perfectly fit your land

  • Crafting your dream home within your budget

  • Achieve a luxury custom house which is designed and built by educated architects

  • Have a unique luxury style that will be like no other

  • Work with an experienced team to achieve a custom house that comply with environmental sustainability

  • Creating a custom home that you have always dreamed about

Our Latest Projects

Contact Archbuild To Build Your Custom Designed House In Sydney

if you're looking for an experienced custom home builder in Sydney specialising in luxury custom house design and constructions, call us or fill the form to start your journey now.

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