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Reve is a luxury dwelling home designed by Archbuild located on an irregular shape land in one of the most prestigious suburbs of Perth. It maximises use of land to achieve a large home In a relatively small land. 


A well designed and crafted skylights in the centre of the house creates an autrium feel while adding plenty of natural light and natural ventilation to the residence, without using fossil fuelled energy, enhancing passive climate control. This design reduces the need for artificial heating and cooling, aligning with our sustainable policy.

A well designed skylights in the centre of the house creates an autrium feel, adding natural light. sustainablity building
luxury dream in an archiect designed dwelling designed and built by architectural builders
connected outdoor indoor spaces of Reve, a luxury minimal mdern house designed by luxury home builders in Sydney Hills
a connected living space with large windows designed and built by luxury home builders
open-plan layout of Reve creates a seamless flow between the living, dining, and kitchen areas
A minimal luxury dwelling designed and built by luxury home builders of Archbuild

Our modern luxury home seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Large windows and glass doors provide clear views of the outdoor pools and gardens from inside the house. This connection with nature is a key feature of our modern architect designed homes. We specialize in designing unique homes in Australia from Perth to Sydney, focusing on harmonizing modern living with the natural environment.

Reve is a two-story building that emphasizes minimalist luxury with a modern. The centerpiece is the skylight that brings together the design of both floors while keeping the house bright and airy.


Sustainability is also a priority in the design of our luxury houses. The dwelling uses eco-friendly materials and technologies to save energy and water, making it not only a beautiful place to live but also environmentally responsible.

At Archbuild, we take pride in crafting luxury custom-designed homes in Sydney's Hills, using only the finest materials, finishes, and appliances to ensure each house is a showcase of excellence. Our commitment extends across Sydney, from the Northern Beaches to the Hills suburbs, with each home designed to be a personal sanctuary.


If you're seeking a reliable partner to help design and build your dream home, consider Archbuild. Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin the journey to your dream home.

a luxury modern house by the architect and builder,
Mike Movaffaghi

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