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subtle luxury.


Wilga is a modern sustainable minimalist home, located in a leafy suburb of the northern Sydney regions and is surrounded by protected Sydney blue gum trees. The house incorporates trees in design in respect to environment. It archives zero carbon footprint and passive climate control. The form is derived from a simple cube, no elements projecting outside cube faces, instead features carved into the cube. It achieves a meditative space via simplicity and nature while offering a subtle luxury. It follows Mike Movaffaghi's view: luxury is an experience, and architecture should blend with nature. 

Wilga, a minimalist sustainable luxury house by luxury home builders in Sydney hills
Wilga, a double-storey sustainable and eco-friendly dwelling that harmonizes with nature in Sydney Hills by Archbuild architect and builders

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Design principles 

In the design of Wilga, three principals were followed: environmental sustainability, simplicity, and subtle luxury.


Environmental sustainability was achieved through passive climate control design, zero or low carbon footprint, natural ventilation, excellent orientation of the building to maximise natural light, utilisation of solar energy, employment of maintenance-friendly and durable materials, implementation of low-energy lighting, and incorporation of smart home systems.

What is Passive climate control?

Passive control is controlling the home temperature and humidity through natural phenomenons without using energy. At Wilga passive climate control and ventilation in summer is achieved by taking advantage of trees shade and chimney affect through the large entry hall void and windows located in appropriate locations. 

What is chimney effect?

In winter time the double-sided fireplace located in the centre of the ground floor while heating the ground floor through direct heat effect, it passively heats the upper floor through the cavity walls built on both sides of the fireplace. It delivers the warm air to the ceiling space, passively hitting the upper floor. 

Simplicity is achieved by adopting a mild minimalist approach. The exterior form is derived from a simple cube, devoid of any protruding elements; instead, features are recessed into the cube, lending it a primitive aesthetic. 


The interior design follows mild minimalist principles, featuring a semi-open plan layout, shadow lines, absence of mouldings, and a simplified colour palette comprising only white, dark charcoal, and wood tones.


Innovative form

Wilga presents an innovative exterior form. The design is derived from a simple cube, devoid of any protruding elements; instead, features are recessed into the cube, lending it a primitive aesthetic. 


The exterior form may appear simplistic at first glance, but in reality, designing it is no easy task. It demands a highly experienced architect with finely honed design skills to create something that is both simple yet attractive and subtly luxurious.


It is well proportioned in vertical and horizontal dimensions. The large, but well scaled, double-height arch at the front elevation evokes a humble yet majestic ambiance.


Subtle luxury is achieved through the use of high vertical elements both externally and internally. The large double-height arch at the front elevation evokes a humble yet majestic ambiance. Internally, lofty ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, coupled with smooth curved walls, create a tranquil atmosphere of understated luxury.

Design and build challenges

Tree Roots & reactive soil challenge

The presence of three large blue gum trees, reaching heights of 35-40 meters, with two situated in close proximity to the proposed building, posed a significant design challenge. To address this, a special sleeve was devised to encase the tree roots, safeguarding them while allowing for free movement. This protective measure also prevented any potential disruption to the building's foundation caused by root growth. Supervision by the design architect ensured the successful implementation of this solution during construction.

To mitigate the risk of tree roots damaging the building foundation, the entire slab was supported by 65 steel screw piles, reaching depths of up 6 to 7 meters to the bedrock. This method ensures that the building's load is transferred directly to the bedrock rather than the soil, thereby preventing any movement caused by tree roots and mitigating risks associated with reactive clay soil.

Tree Leaves challenge 

Another challenge arose from the copious amount of leaves continually shed by the blue gum trees throughout the year, given their status as four-season trees. This issue became particularly pressing when designing a flat roof directly beneath their canopies. A conventional roof design with edge gutters would inevitably lead to blockages, even with gutter guards, posing a maintenance burden for residents.


To overcome this obstacle, an innovative roof design was developed. The elimination of edge gutters and the cladding of the associated facade with the same metal roofing sheets streamlined the structure. Special flashing was engineered to guide water and leaves from the roof across the facade's metal cladding, ensuring seamless dispersion over the lower roof and onto the ground without the need for gutter or roof cleaning. Furthermore, during periods of leaf accumulation, they serve as a natural thermal insulator. As a result, the roof and gutters require virtually no maintenance.

Building over sewer main challenge

The sewer main situated beneath the building posed a structural challenge to the footing. To tackle this, Archbuild replaced the old clay line with heavy-duty PVC, encased in concrete according to Sydney Water standards. Approved by Sydney Water, the slab was then designed to bridge over the sewer main, entirely avoiding any load on it from the building.

The design of Wilga subtle luxury home is a perfect fusion of modern and minimalist elements, exuding sophistication and elegance. Every aspect of the architecture was carefully curated to reflect the client's vision and lifestyle while maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

One of the key features of this double-story home is the abundance of natural light that filters through the large windows, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The strategic placement of windows allows for the seamless flow of light throughout the day, making the interior feel bright and spacious.

In addition to maximizing natural light, we also focused on ensuring the home is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. We incorporated sustainable building materials and employed innovative techniques to minimize the environmental impact. The use of energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and rainwater harvesting systems further reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

Preserving the Sydney Blue Gum trees that adorned the lot was a priority in this project. We took great care in designing the home around these protected trees, ensuring that they remained unharmed and formed an integral part of the landscape design. The result is a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural beauty, where the trees serve as a stunning backdrop to the luxury home.

Client testimonial  

I highly recommend Archbuild. They are very talented and professional. They have a experienced team and provide a great value for their services. They designed and built a magnificent house for us in 11 months and with a very high quality


Dr. Ella Farshad

Wilga client

Couple and Builder_edited.jpg

Client relations

Throughout the design and construction process, we collaborated closely with our client to ensure that their unique requirements and preferences were reflected in the final product. Our team of skilled architects and builders worked tirelessly to bring the client's vision to life, creating a home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The interior of the home is a masterful display of modern luxury, with carefully curated finishes and materials that add to the overall sense of opulence. The open-plan layout creates a seamless flow between the living, dining, and kitchen areas, perfect for entertaining guests and family gatherings.

The upper level of the home houses the private spaces, including luxurious bedrooms and a spa-like ensuite bathroom that exudes relaxation and tranquility. The master suite boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, offering panoramic views of the surrounding hills and adding to the sense of serenity.

This luxury architect designed house in the Sydney Hills area is a true testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional architectural design and building services, just like our other custom designed houses. From concept to completion, our team was committed to creating a home that not only met but exceeded the expectations of our client.

As a reputable architect and builder in Sydney, we take pride in our ability to create homes that are not only visually stunning but also sustainable and environmentally conscious. Our passion for modern design, eco-friendly practices, and client-centric approach sets us apart from the rest.

If you are looking for a luxury architect-designed home that embraces modernity, sustainability, and elegance, look no further. Contact Archbuild today to discuss your dream home project and let us turn your vision into a reality.

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If you are looking for a luxury architect-designed home that embraces modernity, sustainability, and elegance, look no further. Contact Archbuild today to discuss your dream home project and let us turn your vision into a reality.

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