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Le Vol
Flight Pad

Introducing "Le Vol": A Modern Marvel in Sydney Hills

In the heart of Sydney Hills, where innovation meets nature, stands our latest architectural triumph — Le Vol, a luxury house that redefines modern living. Le Vol, meaning "The Flight" in French, transcends traditional design boundaries, offering a unique blend of minimalism, sophistication, and environmental harmony. This custom design home is a testament to the creativity and precision of custom home builders and architects, embodying the essence of a truly architect-designed home.

Capturing Modern Minimalism:

Le Vol is not just a house; it's a piece of art meticulously crafted by the architect and builder, Mike Movaffaghi. The design ethos is rooted in modern minimalism, creating an aesthetic that is both timeless and innovative. The sleek lines, geometric shapes, and a neutral colour palette contribute to a sense of simplicity and elegance. Every aspect of Le Vol showcases the hallmark of custom design homes, prioritizing functionality while embracing a modern house aesthetic.

Flying Over the Slope:

Situated on a steep site, Le Vol is ingeniously designed to appear as if it's gracefully soaring over the slope. The architectural vision takes full advantage of the challenging topography, transforming it into a key element of the custom design approach. The suspended structure gives the house a sense of weightlessness, creating a visual spectacle against the backdrop of the Sydney Hills. This innovative approach highlights the capabilities of custom home builders and architects in overcoming environmental challenges with creative solutions.

Le Vol.001.png
Le Vol.002.png

Infinity Pool and Outdoor Serenity:

Le Vol embraces the concept of indoor-outdoor living, seamlessly connecting the interior spaces with the lush surrounding landscape. The pièce de résistance is the upper floor infinity pool that seemingly merges with the horizon. Positioned to overlook the breathtaking scenery, the pool becomes a visual masterpiece, providing a tranquil oasis for residents to unwind. The outdoor decking area, an extension of the architect-designed home's living space, offers a serene environment for relaxation and entertainment.

Encircling the pool, a spacious outdoor decking area beckons, offering an alfresco escape amidst nature. This outdoor sanctuary is perfect for entertaining guests, hosting intimate gatherings, or simply enjoying the serenity of the hills. The integration of nature into the design enhances the overall sense of tranquility and well-being.

Sustainable Luxury:

At Archbuild, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility. Le Vol is not just a luxury residence; it's a sustainable haven. The architects employed eco-friendly design principles, ensuring energy efficiency and a minimal ecological footprint. Large windows strategically placed throughout the house harness natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing panoramic views of the surroundings. This commitment to sustainability is a core principle of our approach to creating modern houses that respect the environment.

The Architectural Narrative:

Le Vol tells a story of innovation and luxury, blending architectural prowess with a deep respect for the environment. The floating structure, the infinity pool, and the seamless connection to nature contribute to an immersive experience that goes beyond conventional living spaces. As a custom design home, Le Vol exemplifies the unique visions that custom home builders and architects bring to life, creating spaces that are personalized and deeply resonant with the homeowners.

Le Vol stands as a testament to Archbuild's commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural design. It is not merely a house but a manifestation of our dedication to creating living spaces that are as awe-inspiring as they are functional. In the Sydney Hills region, Le Vol takes its place as a modern marvel, inviting residents to experience life from a new perspective — one that soars above the ordinary.

Le Vol:
a luxury modern house by the architect and builder,
Mike Movaffaghi

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