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Art of Custom House Construction

Steel Frame & Concrete Wall Homes 

Archbuild crave for advanced technologies, long lasting robust construction, and attention to details. We build steel frame homes with German engineering light weight concrete floors and external walls. 

Rigorous Site Assessment

Archbuild carries out rigorous site checks and assessments including soil compaction test using ultra sound method, geotechnical survey with no limited bore hole depth (unlike the market norms which limit the depth of bore holes), trees roots assessment and installation of tree root barriers to avoid future damage to the buildings, and installation of agi pipes covered with blue-metal gravel and Geofabric around the concrete slab to drain the excessive rain water and avoiding damage to the slab in the future.

At Archbuild, we believe that choice of building materials is pivotal
in luxury house building. We use high-quality materials in our custom design homes and can provide information on specific materials

Quality Control Attention to Details 

Archbuild sites are supervised by highly experiences builders and architects to ensure highest level of attention and control provided to both construction process and architectural details. ​Each tradie is selected most cautiously needing to pass a strict quality checklist before being engaged in the project with all insurances and warranties checked. 

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Details Always Matter

We design, considering details. we build, obsessing every details

Steel and Concrete Piles

Archbuild sites are strengthened by installing either concrete or steel piles in the ground to ensure the slab load is transferred  onto the strongest layer of earth in the ground. Steel or concrete piles are utilised based on the condition of the soil and based on our engineers recommendations. 

Custom House Building with Steel and Concrete
Home Building Construction

Building Over Sewer Line

Archbuild has experience building over sewers main lines by replacing the old sewer line with strong PVC pipe and then concrete encasement of the sewer line which guarantees no leaks for 100 years.  We have build concrete bridge beams over the sewer line and then install the concrete slab over the bridge beams to avoid any pressure on the sewer line. 

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Elevated Concrete Slab

Archbuild uses elevated concrete slabs sitting over the pilings which transfer the load of the structure to the strongest layer of earth in the ground. Elevated slabs ensure no stormwater intrusion and minimises pest access to inside of the building. This is achievable by utilising the maximum building height within the planning laws and council limits and with the use of flat roofs. 

Commercial Grade Double Glazed Windows Homes 

Archbuild uses commercial grade double glazed windows to maximise energy and acoustic quality of its homes. We have also built homes with single glazed windows mainly due to clients budget restrictions. 

Solar Panel Home

Environmental Sustainability 

Archbuild is committed to using environmentally sustainable materials and construction method.

Being both architects and builders, Archbuild has a practical control over design process and its relation to construction restrictions such as budget. This has well positioned us to be able utilise environmentally sustainable building methods and materials within the budget. 

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