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Crafting a perfect architect is akin to aging fine wine—

It demands top talent, years of passion, and unwavering effort.

We offer a one-stop solution including design, approvals, construciton, and occupancy certificate.

Building your dream home is a thrilling and important venture, and it all starts with the custom design. We're proud of our design process at Archbuild and are dedicated to giving our clients the best experience. Our skilled team, including both architects and builders, focuses on creating a home that's not just practical but also visually stunning and tailored to your specific needs.

The design process is a key part of building your home, as it lays the foundation for construction. Our team works closely with you to capture your needs and preferences, making sure your new home is crafted to your exact requirements. We aim for a transparent, collaborative, and stress-free process, ensuring you're comfortable and confident throughout.


Our first step is an initial consultation. Here, we'll learn about you and your family, and grasp your vision for your new home. We'll talk about your lifestyle, design preferences, budget, and any particular needs. This is also when our team, including expert interior designers, will evaluate the site and offer design recommendations.

Crafting Dreams:
Exciting Journey of Designing Your Dream Home

living room of Wilga St West Pennant Hills architect-designed modern luxury home in Sydney

With a clear understanding of your vision, we'll develop a custom design proposal, including concept designs, sketches, and detailed drawings, along with an itemized cost estimate. Our team, combining the roles of architect and home builder, will refine the design with you, making sure it meets all your requirements.


Communication is key at Archbuild. Throughout the design process, we'll keep you updated on your project's progress, welcoming your feedback and suggestions.

After finalizing the home design, we'll handle obtaining necessary approvals. Our team will manage the planning and building approval processes, ensuring your home meets all regulations and codes. Though complex, our expertise makes this a smooth process.

Then, we begin building your custom home. Our experienced architect builders will bring your vision to life, keeping you informed at every step. We believe in open communication and welcome your involvement in the construction process.

design and build details of Wilgaat St West Pennant Hills in Sydney

Building Custom Home

Steel Frame & Concrete Wall Homes

At Archbuild, we strive for advanced technologies and robust, long-lasting construction with a keen attention to detail in our building experience. We specialise in constructing steel frame homes, utilising German engineering for lightweight concrete floors and external walls.

Luxury Architect Design Home Builder Sydney.jpg

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start the journey towards your very own architect designed home

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