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Image by Gautier Salles

Architecture should blend with nature.

Archbuild designs & builds sustainable homes

Sets an example
Our Wilga project stands as a testament to coexistence between architecture and nature. It protects large blue gum trees and lives next to them friendly. It sets an example that we do not need to cut trees to make homes. Nestled in the heart of Sydney Hills, it becomes a cultural symbol, fostering a connection with its surroundings.

Energy rating
We aim for 5 star energy rating with solar energy and heat pumps. We engaged licensed energy consultants to model the energy rating, beyond the minimum required by the Building Code of Australia.

During the operational stage rainwater is efficiently harvested and stored in a dedicated tank, which is then utilised for irrigating the landscape and toilet flush tanks.

Environmentally conscious, we opt for a no-grass, no-hard finish landscape, favouring porous finishes that facilitate stormwater absorption onsite. This design choice not only minimises water runoff but also supports local water conservation efforts.

Archbuild diligently addresses potential pollution issues. By incorporating measures to manage acid sulphate soils and salinity, we ensure that our construction and operational processes do not adversely affect air, earth, or water quality.

Construction waste
We prioritised waste minimisation and recycling. We segregated different waste streams for effective recycling and disposal, significantly reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. This not only conserved resources but also highlighted our commitment to sustainable construction practices.

Operation waste
For waste management, recyclable materials and green waste are segregated and placed in designated recycling bins. These are then responsibly collected by the local council for proper recycling. Additionally, an InSinkErator is installed in kitchens to further reduce the amount of waste destined for landfills.

Archbuild builds homes that withstand the Australian harsh environment for decades to come. Our structures come with lifetime warranty, 40 years lifespan. Roof sheets have 15-20 years warranty. Materials are selected from long lasting robust range with serious considerations towards environmental sustainability.


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