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Elegant Duplex

We are excited to introduce our latest project – a collection of architect designed duplex that redefine affordable urban living. As committed builders and architects, Archbuild has found creative solutions to deliver exceptional homes without compromising on quality. 

Architectural Excellence on a Budget 

At Archbuild, we believe that excellence doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Our team of skilled architects and builders has worked tirelessly to create a series of architect designed multiunit terrace houses and duplex homes- that exemplify creativity while adhering to budget constraints. 

Key Features of Our Budget-Friendly Multiunit Terrace Houses 

  • Innovative Design: Our double storey duplex houses showcase innovative designs that maximize space and minimize costs, offering budget-friendly living without sacrificing architectural brilliance. 

  • Cost-Efficient Craftsmanship: Every detail is crafted with efficiency in mind, ensuring that your budget is used wisely without compromising on quality. 

  • Smart Functionality and Style: Thoughtful spatial planning ensures that our budget-friendly homes strike the perfect balance between functionality and style, offering residents a living space that meets the demands of modern life without breaking the bank. 

A double story duplex by archbuild architect builders in sydney
an architect-desgined multiunit terrace house by custom home builder archbuild
kitechen and dining room of an architect designed duplex by architectural builders in Sydney
Catalina living room, an architect-designed duplex
terrace houses benefit from large terrace
bedroom of Catalina duplex, by Archbuild duplex builder
Bathroom in an architect designed duplex house by Archbuild sydney duplex builder

Duplex House Builder Sydney - Affordable Distinctive Residences 

As your go-to budget-friendly duplex home builder in Sydney, Archbuild specialises in crafting homes that are not only distinctive but also affordable. Our multiunit terrace houses boast a harmonious blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary design, delivering dwellings that are both cost-effective and cutting-edge. 

Affordable Architect Designed Terrace Houses Sydney - Redefining Budget-Friendly Living 

Step into a world of architecturally designed duplex homes that redefine affordable living in Sydney. Each residence is a testament to thoughtful spatial planning, efficient construction, and meticulous attention to detail. Our architectural vision ensures a unique blend of form and function, offering residents a lifestyle that is both budget-friendly and stylish. 

Urban Sophistication on a Budget 

Archbuild's single storey and double storey duplexes are designed to harmonize with urban landscape while being kind to your budget. These dwellings boast captivating facades that seamlessly integrate heritage elements with modern flair, ensuring that affordability doesn't mean compromising on style. 

Duplex House Architect Sydney - Bespoke Designs Tailored for Your Budget 

As your dedicated detached or semi detached duplex house architect in Sydney, Archbuild understands the importance of affordability. We work closely with our clients to deliver personalized masterpieces that align with their unique preferences while staying within budget constraints. 


Elevate Your Urban Living Experience Without Breaking the Bank 

Investing in one of Archbuild's budget-friendly duplex homes means elevating your urban living experience without breaking the bank. These dwellings promise not just affordability but a lifestyle defined by sophistication, comfort, and architectural brilliance. 

Discover the epitome of affordable urban living with Archbuild's architect designed multiunit terrace houses and duplex homes. As your trusted and budget-conscious duplex house builder and architect, we invite you to explore our collection and envision a life where elegance meets innovation on a budget. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards owning a residence that redefines the very essence of Sydney living without compromising your budget. 

An Architect Designed Duplex House by the Architect and Builder,
Mike Movaffaghi

You Like Catalina?

Contact us today to find out more about our luxury architect design duplexes and terrace houses in Australia.

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